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{19 Dec} Midori Jingly-Day

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而根據SOP,每堂課只有8個位哦!還有還有! 🌟首10位報名的童鞋們還可以獲得我們的一份神秘禮包**哦!🎁 勸你別考慮太久,位子沒了,可就真的要等明年了😂 馬上報名吧!


This is our annual special event for you who would like to experience all the art and crafts! All workshops will need only 1 hour. You'll come in empty hands, and leaving with lots of happiness and fun! 

Base on the SOP, each class can only have 8 pax! AND!!! First 10 sign-ups will get a special gift from us! 🎁 Hope you don't consider for too long, once sold, then you might need to wait for next year 😂 Register now!

Below are the workshop detail for 19th December. You may look through it. If you need any more info, just feel free to text us. We will try to get to you ASAP.


{Golden Henna Jingle Cup | 黃金HENNA聖誕杯子繪製}
Date 日期:19 December 2021 (SUN 日)
Time 时间:10:00AM~11:00AM (1 hr/小时)
Fees 课费:RM80/pax

Hanna cup_19th.png

You will be learning and getting 你学习制作并带回家的:
🌟 Student can draw freely 學生將可以自由發揮
🌟 Material included 材料包括: Bronze Cup 古銅色, Gold Paint 金彩顏料


{Xmas German Cookies Baking | 聖誕德國酥製作}
Date 日期:19 December 2021 (SUN 日)
Time 时间:11:30AM~12:30PM (1 hr/小时)
Fees 课费:RM80/pax


You will be learning and getting 你学习制作并带回家的:
🌟 How to bake Xmas themed cookies from scratch 学习烘焙聖誕德國酥的技巧
🌟 A gift box with 4 pieces of cookies done by you 一盒4片聖誕德國酥的作品


{Brushed Lettered Christmas Card | 手寫聖誕賀卡體驗班(中文)}
Date 日期:19 December 2021 (SUN 日)
Time 时间:1:00PM~2:00PM (1 hr/小时)
Fees 课费:RM50/pax

Brush Letter_12th.png

You will be learning and getting 你学习制作并带回家的:
🌟 Introduce the distinction between soft and hard pen Chinese handwriting. 簡單介紹軟頭筆中文手寫題與硬體的分別
🌟 Experience the basic strokes and concepts of handwriting 體驗手寫體的基礎筆劃與概念
🌟 Material Kits:
- Basic stroke exercise sheets 基礎筆劃練習頁
- Christmas greetings 聖誕語錄手寫練習頁
- Soft pen 軟頭筆 x1
- Greetings Card 卡片 x1


{Christmas Theme Wax Tablet | 聖誕主題蠟片製作}
Date 日期:19 December 2021 (SUN 日)
Time 时间:2:30PM~3:30PM (1 hr/小时)
Fees 课费:RM80/pax


You will be learning and getting 你学习制作并带回家的:
🌟 Knowledge of various design and decorating materials for scented wax tablet多種款式和配件自由搭配
🌟 The proportion of wax 蠟材比例
🌟 The proportion of wax and aroma oil 蠟與香薰精油比例
🌟 Decorative package with the wax tablet done by you  將供包裝材料带走1个作品


{Fluid Art 2.0 | 流體畫體驗班2.0}
Date 日期:19 December 2021 (SUN 日)
Time 时间:4:00PM~5:00PM (1 hr/小时)
Fees 课费:RM65/pax

Fluid Art 2.0_19th-01.png

You will be learning and getting 你学习制作并带回家的:
🌟 Basic knowledge of watering painting 澆畫基礎知識
🌟 Preparation of various tools and materials 各種工具與材料的準備
🌟 Preparation of pigments and matters needing attention when stirring pigments 顏料的準備,以及攪拌顏料時所需注意的事項
🌟 Points to note when painting 進行澆畫時所需注意的事項
🌟 Points to note when collecting watering paintings 收藏澆畫所需注意的事項
🌟 8in x 8in Final Art Piece 成品 x1


{Indigo Dye Drawstring Bag | 藍染束口包}
Date 日期:19 December 2021 (SUN 日)
Time 时间:5:30PM~6:30PM (1 hr/小时)
Fees 课费:RM80/pax


You will be learning and getting 你学习制作并带回家的:
🌟 A basic intro about Indigo dye 藍染的簡介
🌟 3 basic method of Tie-Dye 3種基礎紮染的方法
🌟 Cotton drawstring bag 棉质束口包 (20x29cm)


Venue 地點:
Midori Studio • みどりスタジオ (5 minutes from Desa Park City)
20A, Lorong Lang Kuning, Kepong Baru, 52100 Kuala Lumpur.
📞 012-6173911 (Mika) / 016-2603911 (Melody)

Bank in Details 汇款资料:

** Note 备注 :-
The seat will only be secure if full payment have been made within 2 days after you check out. One that is absent will not get a refund unless class cancel.

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