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{22 MAY / 18 JUN / 26 JUN} Pointed Pen Calligraphy Workshop | 英文花體字工作坊

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With the fast pace in our society and the digitised era, we rely so much on gadgets that we often let slip the fun of writing. Not only we can send beautiful correspondence during special occasions, calligraphy is an excellent option for meditation as you need to focus, slow down, and breathe along every single stroke you’ve written. If you’re into bullet journaling or sketch-booking, you’ll add on so many beautiful elements into your work with calligraphy skills. With this workshop, you’ll learn the basic introduction of calligraphy supplies, basic stroke drills, and tips and techniques for connecting letters.

We are pleased to have Caryne, filled with finance knowledges but fond of creative field. She  picked up the calligraphy skills and currently a part time calligrapher. She truly believes artworks created by hands are often one of a kind, elegant, & aesthetic. 

隨著我們社會的快節奏和數碼化時代,我們非常依賴電子工具,往往錯過寫作的樂趣。 我們不僅可以在特殊場合傳送精美的信件,書法更是絕佳選擇,因為您需要集中注意力,放慢速度,並沿著你寫的每一筆觸的步伐。 如果你喜歡手帳或素描,你可以用書法技能在你的作品中新增更多美麗的元素。 透過這次的工作坊,你將學習書法用品、基本筆畫練習以及連線字母的技巧和技術的基本介紹。

我們很高興邀請Caryne充滿了金融知識,但喜歡創意領域的一位導師。 她掌握了書法技能,目前是一名兼職書法家。 她真誠地相信,手工創作的藝術品往往是獨一無二的、優雅的、美觀的。

{Pointed Pen Calligraphy Workshop • 英文花體字工作坊}
Date 日期:22 May 2022 (SUN)
Time 时间:2:00PM ~ 5:00PM (3 hours/小时)
Fees 學費:RM250/pax

Date 日期:18 June 2022 (SAT)
✅ Time 时间:
2:00PM ~ 5:00PM (3 hours/小时)
Fees 學費:RM250/pax

Date 日期:26 June 2022 (SUN)
Time 时间:10:00AM ~ 1:00PM (3 hours/小时)
Fees 學費:RM250/pax


** Midori Studio will have the rights to restrict you from joining the class if you can't follow the SOPs as mentioned above even if you had made payment for it. 如有违反,就算已付费Midori Studio有权禁止您参与课程。

Class Detail 课程内容:
🌸 Brief introduction about calligraphy and basic supplies 關於書法和基本用品知識
🌸 Basic strokes drills 基本筆畫練習
🌸 Minuscule writing 小字母
🌸 Majuscule writing 大字母
🌸 Tips & techniques to connect letters 連接字母的技巧
🌸 Create a framable piece with fancy inks (Prepare a quote-less then 10 words) (Strathmore 400 Series Toned Sketch Paper) 用鮮艷的墨水制作精美的作品

This workshop is suitable for peeps who age 13 and above without any basic in calligraphy and keen to explore script variations or different tools to write other than writing with pens. We will be having a maximum of 8pax for the workshop, so that each of the individuals will get proper guidance during the workshop.


Workshop fee includes 課程費用包括:
✔ Oblique pen holder 斜筆架
✔ Nib (Zebra G or Tachikawa G) 笔尖
✔ Carynegraphy personal pointed pen worksheet guide (48 pages) 聯習本
✔ Sumi ink or walnut ink (with glass ink jar) 蘇米墨水或胡桃木墨水(玻璃墨水罐)

Venue 地點:
Midori Studio • みどりスタジオ (5 minutes from Desa Park City)
20A, Jalan Lang Kuning, Kepong Baru, 52100 Kuala Lumpur.
📞 012-6173911 (Mika) / 016-2603911 (Melody)

Bank in Details 汇款资料:

** Note 备注 :-
The seat will only be secure if full payment have been made within 24 hours. One that is absent will not get a refund unless class cancel.

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