而根據SOP,每堂課只有8個位哦!還有還有! 🌟首10位報名的童鞋們還可以獲得我們的一份神秘禮包哦!🎁
 å‹¸ä½ åˆ¥è€ƒæ…®å¤ªä¹…,位子沒了,可就真的要等明年了😂 馬上報名吧!

This is our annual special event for you who would like to experience all the art and crafts!
All workshops will need only 1 hour. You'll come in empty hands, and leaving with lots of happiness and fun! 

Base on the SOP, each class can only have 8 pax! AND!!! First 10 sign-ups will get a special gift from us! 🎁
Hope you don't consider for too long, once sold, then you might need to wait for next year 😂 Register now!

🎄 Midori Jingly Day

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