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In today's society, everyone is working hard to support own or the family's living expenses. In this stressful and hassle environment, there must be a place to relax. That is our purpose of having Midori Studio, to spread the positive energy. We love to see people having fun with handcrafting and painting, which can help to relax your body, your mind and your soul. Just like what Mika always told the participants, "We are not a school, you are not studying but you are here to have fun, to experience the process..." Once you calm down, everything will be fine 😌 現今社會的大家,為了養家餬口、混口飯吃,都拼了命地埋頭工作。而在這緊迫又壓力的環境下,總得有個放鬆的地方。我們米多粒的宗旨就是散播正能量,讓大家來體驗手作與繪畫帶來的樂趣,放鬆身、心、靈。就像Mika時常對學員們說的,「我們這裡不是學校,你是來玩、來體驗的」放鬆了,自然就會做得好 😌

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