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DokDok Punch Needle Material Kit | DokDok戳戳繡材料包

RM 98.00
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I have been eye-ing on this punch needle crafting for very long but was too busy to sit down and give it a try. But once I tried, I realised that this is superb easy and very therapeutic too! You can totally relax while punching the yarn, cause it basically don't need much thinking 😂

Have no idea on drawing the draft? No worry, just PM me the theme or item that you would like to "dok" (poke in cantonese). I will draft out a simple version for you. For your information, the jute bag provided in the material kit is the same modal with MUJI's. There's waterproof layer in it, no worry of spilt when you take away food and it's very sturdy too! Same as usual, this is a "limited edition", do get yours ASAP ya. ;)


不會畫草稿?沒問題,你只需要PM我你想要的主題/東西,我可以幫你整一下,畫一個適合零基礎的你dok。材料包裡的麻布袋,是和MUJI同款的麻布袋哦!裡面有防水層,裝便當不怕外漏之外,還很steady呢~ 還有還有,我們這個材料包一樣是限量版哦!趕緊下單吧!;)

The material in the kit can complete 材料包里的材料可以完成:
- 1 jute bag with punched image 一個戳了圖案的麻包袋


Size of the finished project 成品大小:
- Jute bag 麻包袋:21cm x 23cm x 15cm
- Size of the punch image suggest to be within 10cm 要戳的圖案建議小於10cm


The dokdok kit included 材料包包括:
✅ Tutorial videos 视频教学
✅ Waterproof Jute Bag 防水麻包袋 x1
✅ Steel punch needle 銅管戳針 x1
✅ 5ply Milk Cotton Yarn (Depends on the design) 五股牛奶棉(視乎想要的設計)
** Not more than 5 colour 不超過5種顏色
✅ FREE design drafting 免費圖案繪製 ✨
✅ After service 售后服务✨✨

⚠️ The kit doesn't include finished good 材料包不含成品

🔥 Early Bird Price 早鳥售价:RM98/WM西马, RM108/EM东马 🔥
————————Included Delivery Fee 包邮————————

The kit is limited, first come first serve.
材料包有限,first come first serve 😉


* Once you purchased, we will be inviting you into a private Crafting Group in Facebook. You may share your beautiful work there or drop your questions anytime. When we sent out the parcel, we will be sending you the tutorial link too. So, enjoy making~ ;)

* 一旦您購買了這個材料包,我們將邀請您加入我們臉書的私人手作群組。您可在那個群組裡分享你的作品/提問。在發貨的同時,也將給您發教程視頻的連結。 祝您製作愉快!

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