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Fiber Paper Making DIY Box | 纖維紙製作DIY材料包

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Similar parenting and education concepts had brought 3 moms and 6 children together to form this {Play & Create Parent-Child Learning Group}. They then gathered the essence of self-study and co-study discovery, learning and experience into {Play & Create Science Township} -- a science box that combines science, art and literature, implemented with some beautiful local elements in it. They hope to share it with more families and encourage parents and children to learn, play and grow together.

相近的育儿和教育理念,把三个妈妈、六个孩子, 系在了一起,组成【玩创亲子共学团】
她們把她们在自学和共学的学习、发现和体验的精髓整理成  【玩创。科学乡】-- 一个富有本地色彩,结合了科学、艺术和文学的科学箱,希望跟身边更多的家庭分享,鼓励亲子共学共玩,一起成长。
What kind of spark will come from the encounter between rural education and science? 乡土教育与科学相遇,会擦出怎样的火花呢?
How to add value to un-wanted durian shells? 丢弃成堆的榴莲壳,如何赋予它新的价值呢?
After harvesting for the fruits and juice, what to do with the pineapple leaves and sugar cane's fiber? 果树收成后即被砍掉丢弃的黄梨叶和甘蔗渣,
What can we do to extend their lives? 如何让它们延续生命呢?

We offer 2 types of LIMITED experiment box 我们首推的限量科学箱分为:
🌱 Themed Experiment Box 主题。科学箱 | RM58
Taking durian as the theme, discover how it brings out the environmental problems caused by discarded durian shells, and parents may guide children to think about how to create new value for these agricultural wastes, by using durian shells to make their own unique handmade art paper.


🌱 Extended Exploration Experiment Box 延伸探索。科学箱 | RM58
Continue with the durian-themed science box to guide the children to explore plant fibers. Use sugarcane, pineapple leaves and recycled paper as materials to make handmade fiber art paper, observe and compare the appearance quality of the paper, and test the feasibility of plant fiber as paper. The contents of the experiment box include:

🌻 Hand-made agricultural waste fiber 亲手制作的农作废弃物纤维;
🌻 Self-collect dried-pressed-flowers 亲手采集的压花;
🌻 Easy understanding hand-drawn handbook 简单易懂的手绘小册子;
🌻 Simplified theme explanation, and 精简的主题解说, 和
🌻 Simple and easy handling science experiment 简单容易操作的科学实验 。
We are pleased to enjoy everyone of you, let's make eco-friendly plant fiber paper, explore the ancient wisdom and feel the of waste recycling. 邀请大家,用我们的双手,一起制造植物纤维环保纸,探窥古老的智慧、感受废物再循环的魅力。

All the DIY box are 100% made by the moms and children with love. Only limited with 100 sets. 100%由妈妈和孩子们全手工制作的材料,充满温度,只限100份,至售完为止。💖

durian_shell_fibre.JPG durian_shell-fibre-2.JPG

The material in the kit can complete 材料包里的材料可以完成:
- 12張或以上的A6再生紙
- 可以比較一般紙纖維和其他植物纖維做出來的再生紙

The kit included 材料包包括:
Themed Experiment Box 主题。科学箱
- Dehydrated Durian Shell Fiber 脫水榴槤殼纖維 x 1 pack
- Dewatered recycled paper pulp 脫水再生紙紙漿 x 1 pack
- Starch 植物膠 x1 pack
- Paper making frame 抄紙內外框 x1 set
- Wooden hammer 木槌子 x1 pc
- Replacement net and pads 替換網和墊布 x2 sets
- Dried flower 乾花 x1 pack
- Handbook 小冊子

Extended Exploration Experiment Box 延伸探索。科学箱
- Dehydrated Pineapple Fiber 脫水黃梨纖維 x 1 pack
- Dehydrated Sugar Cane Fiber 脫甘蔗纖維 x 1 pack
- Dewatered recycled paper pulp 脫水再生紙紙漿 x 1 pack
- Starch 植物膠 x1 pack
- Paper making frame 抄紙內外框 x1 set
- Wooden hammer 木槌子 x1 pc
- Replacement net and pads 替換網和墊布 x2 sets
- Dried flower 乾花 x1 pack
- Handbook 小冊子

⚠️ The kit doesn't include finished good 材料包不含成品

🔥  Price 售价:RM58
** Delivery fee 郵費:RM8 (or you may choose to self pick up 或可選擇自己來領取)
Delivery might take 5-7 working days 郵寄需要 5-7個工作日

The kit is limited, first come first serve.
材料包有限,first come first serve 😉


* Once you purchased, we will be inviting you into a private Telegram Group. You may share your beautiful work there or drop your questions anytime. When we sent out the parcel, we will be sending you the tutorial link. So, enjoy making~ ;)

* 一旦您購買了這個材料包,我們將邀請您加入我們私人的 Telegram Group。您可在那個群組裡分享你的作品/提問。在發貨的同時,也將給您發教程視頻的連結。 祝您製作愉快!

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