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Mandarin Oranges Watercolor kit | 柑橘水彩彩繪材料包

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The long waited watercolour painting kit is finally ready! 🥳

This watercolour painting kit was well prepared by Yuen Kee with all the materials you will need. Other than that, it also included a detailed step-by-step painting guideline and a traced image template too! Therefore, no fret if you are not good at drafting. Moreover, to make sure everyone can paint at ease, Yuen Kee had prepared a video tutorial to guide you along. If you have any questions, you may always drop your question in the Private FB group that we had set for you. Yuen Kee will I try her best to reply ASAP. 😉

🔥 The Chinese New Year is coming soon. Peeps who make their order before 28th January will get a 10% discount, and FREE 1 set of Chinese New Year cards with 3 different designs


這材料包是我們的Yuen Kee老師親力親為、一筆一畫的給大家準備的哦!除了有基礎的繪畫材料之外,裏頭有老師親自排版的詳細教程本子還有線稿哦~ 所以,你也不用怕不會畫!為了讓大家更好的學習,老師也另外錄製了視頻供大家跟著學習。遇到問題的話,耶可以隨時在我們設的FB群組裏提問,老師會儘快給大家回覆的 😉 

🔥 隨著農曆新年的到來,各位朋友們若在1月28日前下單,您將可享有10%的折扣之外,還可以獲得一套免費的新年賀卡(3種設計)呢!

Yuen Kee's IG 👉 https://www.instagram.com/ykee.lee/

YK Watercolour Kit 01.jpg

The watercolour kit included 材料包包括:
✅ Artists' grade paints 畫家級別顏料
✅ Watercolor brush 水彩筆刷
✅ Watercolor palette 水彩盤
✅ Watercolor papers 水彩紙
✅ Step-by-step painting guideline 詳細的繪畫教程
✅ Traced image template 線稿
✅ Video tutorial link (Unlimited access) 視頻教程連結(無限瀏覽)
✅ Pencil, eraser & washi tape 筆、橡皮擦和Washi膠帶

🌟 FREE 1 set of Chinese New Year cards with 3 different designs
🌟 一套免費的農曆新年賀卡,共有3種設計

Price 價錢 👉 RM120
- Free delivery within West Malaysia 西馬包郵
Place your order before 28th January to enjoy a 10% Off!


* Once you purchased, there will be a QR Code in the guideline which will lead you to a FB Group. A reference number will be provided in watercolor kit. Send the reference number. In there, you will get to access to 2 videos, the Watercolour basic skill video and the Mandarin Orange painting tutorial. You may drop your questions there or get Yuen Kee's assistance via WhatsApp at +60196648272. Enjoy painting~ ;)

* 一旦您購買了這個材料包,在教程本子裡,會有一個QR code引領你去一個FB群組,那裡會有這個材料包的視頻教程。材料包裡將提供一個特別號碼,您可key in相關的號碼,並等待通過。在那個群裡,您將可以看到兩個視頻,一個是水彩彩繪基礎的視頻,而另一個是柑橘彩繪的教程視頻。當然,您也可在那個群組裡提問,或直接WhatsApp Yuen Kee +60196648272。 祝您繪畫愉快!

A little about Yuen Kee 关于我们的 Yuen Kee
Inspired by family members who are mostly artists, Yuen Kee has been started to draw since she was a kid. During her days in university, she was a part time comic artist who run her own comic blog as well as creating comics for secondary school as teaching materials. She believed that traditional artworks will not be replaced although digital art is emerging. Yuen Kee started watercolor painting since year 2016, and she found that watercolor is challenging at the same time offering flexibility. She could not resist from the fun of watercolor painting. Therefore, she has decided to share her love in watercolor and invite all of you to join this de-stress session! 😌
因為家人的影響,Yuen Kee自小就開始學習繪畫了。在大學時期,她曾是兼職的漫畫家,並有自己的漫畫部落格、以提供中學生的教材為主。雖說時代更近得迅速,但她相信傳統的繪畫與藝術絕對不會被數碼給代替。她在2016年開始接觸水彩彩繪,也開始愛上了它的高挑戰性與灵活性。自此,就無法自拔了~🙈她決定要與大家分享水彩彩繪的樂趣!(小編我也是呢)我們誠意的邀請大家一起來以水彩彩繪解解壓吧! 😌 

Yuen Kee's IG you b https://www.instagram.com/ykee.lee/

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